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Blog Tergel: The yak and our news


The Yakwool: Fair trade, we support it! what about you?

Today, we'd like to share with you a fascinating story about yak wool and its importance in the textile industry.

Known as one of the world's most luxurious and durable fibers, yak wool is a hidden treasure in the mountainous regions of Mongolia.

Yak breeding is an ancestral practice in these remote regions. Herders depend on yaks for food, transport and even heating, using their dung as fuel.

For centuries, local communities have used this wool to protect themselves from the icy cold of the mountains. However, its economic potential has been underestimated until recently. Thanks to sustainable development initiatives, yak wool has undergone a renaissance and begun to have a significant impact on the lives of herders.

Not only is yak wool incredibly warm, but it is also soft and durable. It has become a popular alternative to cashmere wool, which is more expensive and less accessible for many people. By encouraging the production and use of yak wool, local communities have begun to benefit economically from this natural resource


This enables them to receive fair remuneration for their work and support their families. In addition, these initiatives also provide training and technical support to improve wool quality and promote sustainable breeding practices.

By supporting the use of yak wool, we contribute to the preservation of these communities and their unique culture. It's a tangible way of making a difference and participating in sustainable development.

In conclusion, yak wool is much more than just a textile fiber.

It embodies the tradition, durability and warmth that characterize the regions of Mongolia. By choosing yak wool products, we're not only supporting a sustainable industry, but we're also connecting with a rich and authentic history.

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