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Mongolian yak down

More sustainable and responsible than cashmere

Laine de yak de mongolie
Peigner de la  laine de yak


Yak wool is considered a luxury material in the fashion industry.

  • It is very warm and soft, but also very robust and durable.

  • It's also highly breathable and adapts to body temperature to provide consistent warmth which means it's perfect for outdoor activities.

  • It is naturally waterproof.


Yak wool is highly valued by consumers for its quality and durability, as well as its luxurious appearance, making it an excellent investment. 


Unlike goats, their hooves aren't as hard on the ground and their grazing method doesn't pull the whole plant up by the roots. It's a big problem. In Mongolia, the incredibly high demand for cashmere has considerably accelerated the desertification of certain regions.

filage de fibre de yak par une nomade mongole
Processus de filature de la laine de yak, yack

Consider your purchase and love your choices. 
Buy quality and consume less

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