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We ship internationally.   Free delivery/return in France.

Manteau en laine de Yak

new collection W23/24

Plaide en laine de yak

new homewear W 23/24

Hand knitted yak wool toy

new winter products 23/24

Created by Tergel Gerelt, the brand specializes in "khuuvur," down and yak wool from Mongolia.

Our pieces are created in Paris and made in Ulaanbataar (Mongolia).

sustainable fiber yak wool cashmere
Brosser les poils de yack, récolte

The precious yak wool, known as “khuuvur”, is truly a treasure of the Mongolian steppes. The natural process by which yaks develop a coat of hair to protect themselves from extreme cold, followed by the careful harvesting of this wool in spring by nomads, is an ancient tradition that testifies to the deep connection between local people and their environment.

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