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Spinning YAK down

The process of collecting yak fibers to the final product includes several important steps. There are no secrets. T

  1. Brushing : Yak hair is obtained by hand by brushing carried out by nomads. This gentle and respectful method ensures that the yaks do not suffer any damage during collection.

2. Color sorting : Once the yak hairs are collected, they are sorted according to their color. We mainly look for three natural colors: gray, which represents around 15% of the hairs, as well as light brown and dark brown, almost black. This sorting makes it possible to obtain fibers of uniform quality.

3. Washing: After sorting, the yak hair is washed thoroughly without the use of harmful chemicals. This washing step ensures the cleanliness of the fibers and eliminates impurities that could affect their quality.


4 . Spinning: Yak fibers are subjected to the spinning process to turn them into threads.

A part of these yarns is used to make warp and weft fabrics, while the other part is used to create knitted products.


5. Recycling: It is important to emphasize that all waste resulting from this process is recovered and sent to our Puujee (Mongolian artisan), who uses it to create new handcrafted pieces, such as our "YAKOU" cuddly toy.

This sustainable approach helps reduce waste and recover all parts of the yak fiber.


In summary, the process from yak fiber collection to the final product is a careful and environmentally friendly process. From collecting by brushing by hand by nomads, through color sorting, washing without chemicals, spinning and using waste for crafts, each step is carried out with care to ensure quality. high quality and durable products.

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